Tips for Cutting a Christmas Tree
When you are cutting a tree, have someone in your party pull the tree gently away from the side at which you are sawing. The pulling force will open the wound slightly and prevent your saw from jamming in the trunk of the tree.

Loading the Christmas Tree onto Your Car

When you load the tree on the tree cart or on your car, make sure the butt end of the tree faces forward. Our staff will always position the tree that way on top of your car unless directed otherwise by you. If the top end of the tree faces the wind on top of your car, the branches tend to spread out and the air resistance of the tree will increase greatly. The shape of a baled tree is aerodynamically more suitable with the bottom end facing the wind.

When loading the tree on your car you should also keep in mind that the center of gravity is located about 25 to 30 percent up from the butt end or bottom of the tree. For a six foot tree it is about two feet from the bottom, for a nine foot tree it is about three feet from the bottom. This means that the butt end of the tree for a 6-9 ft tree should be about over the heads of the front seat passengers so the center of gravity is about in the center between the two axles of the vehicle.

One of our clients brings a one quart ziplock bag and a couple of 1/4” inch sturdy rubber bands. Once the tree is tied to the car, he covers the butt end of the tree with ziplock bag and secures it with the rubber band. That prevents the butt end of the tree from drying out in the wind on the ride home and the tree can be put into water without further cutting.

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